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Our Coalition has two sets of Newsletters

CTE 2 Workforce SmartBrief

This resource is available to you and your colleagues in workforce development. This bi-monthly publication provides information on workforce trends, success stories and more on how industry is partnering with CTE around the US.

This publication is free to coalition and non-coalition members alike. The Coalition is working to reach 10,000 subscribers by April 2023. Encourage colleagues and industry professionals to sign-up today.

Coalition Members: We are excited to invite you to submit a short blurb to be featured in the CTE2Workforce SmartBrief. The SmartBrief is published twice a month and contains 2 such pieces, so space is limited! This would be a piece that describes a project or resource that your organization or one of your members have that demonstrates best practices in their employer-educator partnerships and relationships.

What we would need from you to be contributed is 2-3 sentences about the project or resource (e.g. Our organization is hosting a career fair that will be open to all students that will be a great opportunity to learn about careers in the XXX sector) along with a link address to a web site that has additional information about the project or resource. We do not accept submissions that have a commercial (something for sale) or very limited audience interest. We also ask that you identify which career cluster your organization is involved with so that we can equitably present the many sectors represented.

To submit your item(s), please submit them to this form and we will confirm if your submission is accepted and when it will be scheduled.

Coalition Member Newsletter

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Coalition member Newsletter

CTE 2 Workforce SmartBrief Samples